Hanover Floors

What's included Hanover Floor’s installation?

Why is quality installation important?

Quality installation makes a world of difference in the appearance of your flooring. An installation done right can make budget-friendly flooring look high-end, but conversely, a second-rate installation can leave even the best flooring with obvious seams, lumps, bumps and other issues. It’s important to remember that mistakes made during installation can comprise the appearance, functionality and lifespan of your flooring. Let our craftsmen installers show you what a high quality professional installation can do to make your new flooring beautiful.

How do I prepare for installation?

Installation day checklist

  • Remove all breakables from room
  • Remove items in storage areas and closets where the floor is to be resurfaced.
  • Remove drapes if they will be in the way of the installation
  • Empty dressers or large hutches

We will take care of the heavy lifting!